Timber Frame Home Solutions

Image of a timberframe homeTraditional and contemporary timber frame homes have an exposed, internal structure of horizontal timber spans and vertical posts that carry the entire weight of the building. These timbers are typically joined together in ways that enhance strength without steel connections or visible hardware unless specified or desired in the design.  By removing the need for load-bearing walls, the layout of interior space is entirely customizable in a way that is not possible with other conventional forms of construction. “Great rooms” are the most frequent way this freedom manifests, where traditional design limits are removed, allowing for cathedral-like ceilings, and large airy open rooms. Further flexibility is possible with our Real American Dream Home material options to allow for a combination of building systems where aspects of log home building can be incorporated into timber frame designs, as desired.

The design freedom offered by timber frame makes it a favorite of many architects, since the framework is well-suited to integrate traditional building methods. This freedom to customize within a large supported space allows for the free placement of internal stud walls, including drywall, or the easy use of our Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) to add R-value and reduce the time needed to build a house.

With enough customization, homes that may begin as log or timber frame designs can mix or take on conventional design aspects, and become “hybrid homes”; where the combinations of features are no longer identified as any one building style.