Building Green Starts with SIPs

Living Room with a big window looking out onto a lakeYou envision your dream home being a custom home design that incorporates as much energy efficiency as possible, with sustainable products, for a truly green environment. SIPs, or Structural Insulated Panels, are the future of green construction and sustainable building.

With a well-insulated building envelope and high R-values inherent with SIP design, you will appreciate all of the long term benefits of net zero energy home technology, and you will also save money with fewer labor costs for installation. Go further and combine this panel home SIPs design with a passive solar design. Install photovoltaic solar panels. Add geothermal green energy technology. Explore the possibilities with us as your dream home becomes the ideal model of green home design and energy efficiency.

With Real American Dream Homes, there is no longer any need to compromise the traditional style and comfort of timber frame or log home designs, to achieve an Eco-friendly home design. Combine the timber frame, log home, or hybrid home look with the benefits of SIPs to suit any style or home design. The possibilities are endless! Contact us today to discuss your ideas and goals for energy friendly designs.