How to design your custom home

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  • Initial meeting with RADH Sales consultant
  • Learn about our superior materials package
  • Tour the RADH model home & factory
  • Discuss design interests, site considerations
    & determine budget
  • Review the RADH process & payment
    schedule, time line & next steps

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  • Initial design consultation
  • Meet the design team & establish client needs & tastes
  • Review township requirements for property & site visited by team as required
  • First version of design concept includes:
    • Floor plans
    • 3D elevations
    • Interior renderings
    • Design & pricing review
    • 3D virtual tour of home in DDH boardroom or online
    • Review budget & material package
    • Discuss any changes
    • Repeat until both design & budget fit client’s needs

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  • Final approval of design & material
  • Package pricing
  • Review materials package
  • Specifications & pricing
  • Final review
  • Preliminary design
  • Sign off of designs
  • Concept & signing of contract

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  • Working drawings
  • Fully detailed blue prints including elevations
  • Structural plans
  • Cross sections
  • Framing plans & details
  • Building code certified engineering
  • Blue prints are fully engineered where required to ensure solid, stable, long-lasting structures

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  • Assembly drawings for all timbers, timberframes & logs components
  • Detailed material list
  • Ordering of windows/doors
  • Final engineering of timberframe components
  • Manufacturing of all log & timber components
  • Dry fitting portions of log & timberframe for accuracy
  • Check measurements of all manufactured components
  • Label all timber components to match assembly drawings



  • Material loaded on truck for delivery to jobsite
  • Site copies of material list & shop drawings included with delivery
  • Deliveries to be staged to accommodate builder’s construction schedule

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  • Excavation for foundations can be done during production process
  • Installation of RADH floor systems
  • Raising of RADH timberframe or log systems
  • Erection of RADH weather tight shell package
  • Installation of electrical & mechanical systems
  • Interior finishes & fixtures installed
  • Painting, decorating, landscaping

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All your hard work and effort has paid off and your dreams have become a reality! You can now fill your home with memories to last a lifetime